26 November 2012

Bento! #164: "Ginger-fried pork" from the cafeteria

Sorry for the blurry photo!
Another simple meal for just 314 yen. I got "S" size rice with (some) barley (mugi gohan / 麦ご飯), spinach with "sesame sauce" (ほうれん草のゴマあえ / hoursensou no goma ae; maybe "spinach sprinkled with sesame seeds" is more appropriate), and the "ginger-fried pork" (豚生姜焼き / buta shouga yaki), which I think I have already tried before -- or maybe it was one served on a sizzling plate, so it's slightly different. Anyways, this was pretty good. The pork (buta) did not really have a very strong gingery taste; it was more of a sweet tasting flavoring than it was a gingery one. "S" size rice because, as I said, I'm trying to cut down on carbs. :D

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