26 November 2012

Bento! #165: Burger Stuffed with 5 Types of Cheese

5種のチーズインハンバーグ弁当 / go shu no chiizu in hanbaagu bentou. Pork burger, that is. 498 yen from 3F. With demi soosu / demi-glaze sauce. With some fried potatoes and onions. Did I say FIVE TYPES OF CHEEEEZE? There's mascarpone / masukarupoone / マスカルポーネ, camembert / kamanbeeru / カマンベール, mozzarella / mottsarera / モッツァレラ, cream (i.e. cream cheese) / kuriimu / クリーム, and cheddar / chedaa / チェダー. FIVE TYPES OF CHEEEEZE!!!

There goes my low-carb diet. There's so much sauce and melted cheese that went well with the potatoes as well. It's not so heavy for me, though. I probably won't try this again.

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