04 November 2012

Chokoreeto! #10: Look Chocolat 18 (UPDATED)

"Chocolat 18" is pronounced here as chokora eitiin. It's 6 blocks each of 3 flavors, hence the 18. Ganache cream, Truffe cream, Chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse is just meh; the truffe cream - I don't like it; the ganache cream - I don't remember how it tastes but I guess it's the best one of the three. Ganache (ガナッシュ / ganasshu) is actually like icing made of chocolate and cream. So really, the three flavors are all the same. Truffe, French for truffles, or toryufu / トリュフ in Japanese - is just that. Why is it toryufu in Japanese? Head on to Google Translate from this link (http://translate.google.com/#fr/ja/truffe) and press the speaker icon on the text input box on the left.

There are 6 different designs for each block, 2 each per flavor, as you might observe from the outside and the inside of the packaging. "LOOK" has a couple of other flavors. You guys will find out soon enough why I got this first.

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