13 November 2012

Reds, Yellows, and Greens

View of Mt. Oyama from our building. You can see the trees are starting to become reddish/brownish. To the near right is our campus's main building, or honkan / 本館. On the far right is perhaps one of the very first buildings in our campus, housing mostly the Arts departments. A road dissects the areas of the newer and older buildings; the new, "buffet" style cafeteria is actually in the "older" side in the old Student Hall / gakusei hooru / 学生ホール building.

Red. For a couple of days now, actually.

Red, yellow, and green. Inspired by @chrispirillo's (lockergnome.com)
similar "traffic light" photo and posted on his Instagram.

During summer, these are dark green; in winter, there are no leaves at all; at the
beginning of spring, they are lined with whitish or pinkish cherry blossoms.

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