12 November 2012

Bento! #146: Asupara Chiizu Katsu

The manufacturer calls it (Buta Niku) Asupara Chiizu Katsu /
(豚肉)アスパラチーズカツ/ (Pig Meat (or Pork)) Asparagus Cheese Cutlets,
but the supermarket labels it Buta Niku no Asupara Maki / 豚肉のアスパラ巻
Asparagus Roll with Pork. Anywhichway, it's 398 yen, and delicious. Cheezy delicious!
If you've been to a Japanese restaurant that serves sushi anywhere in the world,
you are probably already familiar with the word maki or roll. Additional tidbit:
they call spring rolls here as haru maki / 春巻; i.e. as in spring, the season, and roll,
as in, well, roll.
After heating, the cheese melted and spilt onto the packaging. Oh no! That's
a few grams less cheese for me! :D
It's quite expensive, ain't it? Well it's not typical Japanese food, as you might guess. But the use of these thin strips of pork, together with asparagus, and being like the typical deep-fried katsu, gives this the only-in-Japan kind of feel. You are also probably familiar with asupara beekon / bacon-wrapped asparagus -- they really like the combination of pork and asparagus, it seems. Well, I like it, too. :D  Also, I was debating between getting this and something else, but my other choice was some other meat-only product for only around 198 yen, but then I would have to buy glow foods (i.e. vegetables or a salad) separately. And so I thought, being something new, and having cheese (most importantly), I didn't mind paying the extra 200 yen for this. It was in 8 "slices" and I finished it all in one seating. :D

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