12 November 2012

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Check out RAW, my once-a-day what's-new-and-interesting-on-the-internet blog. It's mostly funny or interesting internet videos, but I do link to some cool and interesting websites on occasion.

Check out rTV2, my online "TV." It features a number of channels, including my very own RAW TV and R2, which are compilations of all videos featured on RAW. While watching, you can look up Wikipedia on the right side to find out more about the stuff they're talking about in whatever video you're watching.

Are you a structural engineer? Check out my engineering block at http://engg.ronjie.com/. I have a few other blogs and websites, and you can find links to them at www.ronjie.com, but Japan! Japan!, RAW, and the engineering blog are my top ones. rTV2 is somewhat experimental, and I really made it for myself, as I don't have any TV here in Japan (it's expensive to buy one, plus you need to pay a monthly fee of about US$30 just to even use broadcast TV). Meanwhile, I don't like internet videos because you have to choose what to watch next each time. I just wanted good old television where you just choose a channel and let them show you whatever is on their program. You can always press "Next Channel" (or "Previous Channel") like you would do on an old school telly, until you find something that interests you. Or, just turn off the TV altogether. :D

Thanks for your patronage, guys!

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