11 November 2012

Bento! #145: Kabocha Sarada + Mugi Gohan + Tai no Furaido Chikin

Kabocha = pumpkin. Kabocha sarada / かぼちゃサラダ
= pumpkin salad! 118 yen from Lawson.
大盛 麦ごはん / oomori mugi gohan = large wheat/barley rice.
118 yen for 250g, from Lawson. While wheat and barley are two
different things, mugi could mean either wheat or barley. At the cafeteria,
they translate mugi gohan as rice with barley. Google translates it as
wheat rice. I have never really seen barley or wheat as themselves,
only either as flour or as juice or already as noodles. But as it turns out,
this is barley -- because wheat needs to be milled before use. Barley,
on the other hand, can be cooked like rice. Or so I heard. :D
Tai no Furaido Chikin / タイのフライドチキン
= fried chicken from Thailand!
It's 680 yen from the supermarket for a kilo of these, frozen.
I had the rest of my chicken nuggets as well, and there you
can see the mush that is the pumpkin salad. It has some
carrots as well, and I'm not sure what else. I had another
similar-sized serving of regular (no mugi) rice, by the way. :D
It was a difficult day for my microwave oven, which here they simply refer to as renji / レンジ... (i.e. "range"?)

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