10 November 2012

Bento! #144: McDonald's Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O

てりやきチキンフィレオ / Teriyaki Chikin Fireo. I just guessed the "Filet-O" part,
because they call Filet-O-Fish as Fireo Fisshu. 640 yen for a set, but for 60 yen more,
you can get an "L" set, which is exactly what I got. If you're wondering why my
Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O is not yet even open, but my fries are already half-finished,
and I seem to have some crumpled wrapper in the background, it's because I had
a ダブルチーズバーがー / daburu chiizu baagaa / double cheeseburger as appetizer.
The DCB was worth 290 yen, and it's what you expect from a DCB from any McD's.  :D

The packaging is a little bit different from the usual. I don't know if it's part
of the packaging, but their lettuce are all over the place.

The sandwich. Smelled gingery to me. I just stuffed the lettuce scattered from
all around the wrapper into the sandwich.

I felt like it had a little bit of an orange flavor. It's definitely not your typical
teriyaki taste. But overall, it was yummy. I'd have this again. There was also
Japanese mayonnaise in there. That went well with the teriyaki, surprisingly.

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