09 November 2012


I forgot to bring my camera to the cafeteria, so I don't have photos of what I had new for today. Well, it's nothing so new. I was going to show you that they now have new, smaller bowls for "L" size don (rice bowl) meals. Awww. But it still felt "L" to me, nonetheless. I also had one of their newest desserts: apple caramel (アップルキャラメル / appuru kyarameru) cake. It was 105 yen, and it was small. Typical spongy cake with icing. But can you imagine a round cake, 8-inch in diameter, sliced up into 16 slices, and voila. 1 slice is just that small. It was still delicious, nonetheless. I also tried French dressing for my salad, perhaps for the first time ever. It was surprisingly good, actually. I still love Italian though. I'll have the same exact meal when I get the chance and update today's blog article with photos. Stay tuned!

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