20 December 2012

Bento! #186: Chiizu Guratan Hamu Katsu

Or チーズグラタンハムカツ / Cheese Gratin and Ham "Cutlet." It's just 105 yen each from the cafeteria, it's that thing on the lower right. I also got sasami chiizu katsu / ササミチーズカツ / chicken fillet and cheese "cutlet," that thing on the upper left (157 yen each), but this time I used tonkatsu sauce, instead of ketchup. For the CGHC, I tried it with ketchup and mayo.

It's the typical thickness of ham, but it's not how thick it is in their photo. But oh well. This felt more like okonomi katsu though. With not so much meat, this felt more carbs than protein. Won't probably try it again, but who knows. :D

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