21 December 2012

Bento! #187: McDonald's "Chikin Tatsuta Wafuu Oroshi Baagaa"

670 yen for a regular "M" set, plus 100 yen I think to upsize to an "L" set. There is actually a chikin tatsuta (only) set for 20 yen less. Chikin tatsuta / チキン竜田 / チキンタツタ = Japanese-style fried breaded chicken fillet. Wafuu / 和風 / "our" (Japanese) style. oroshi / おろし = sweet sauce with mashed radish. baagaa / バーガー = burger. I got a "food magnet" - with a chicken nuggets design - for free with this meal. You can see from the box what the ingredients are: cabbage, the wafuu oroshi, the chicken tatsuta itself. The bun. And lemon. They didn't show it here, but the cabbage was almost drowning in mayonnaise - but not Japanese-style mayonnaise, mind you. And that mayonnaise was mixed with lemon. The taste of the lemon was quite strong here, but it wasn't bad at all.

It wasn't a very big burger, so I got me an extra regular hamburger for another 100 yen. Here's the freebie I got, by the way:

Food magnet? Yes I am. :D

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