10 January 2013

Bento! #199: What a cheapo eats while staying at a rather expensive hotel

Well, the hotel itself isn't really expensive, but let me just put it this way. At the vending machines here, the drinks are 200 yen, not the typical 150 yen. And a plate of spaghetti is 1900 yen (almost US$ 25) when you order via room service. Not so bad, I guess, but I ain't giving in! The difficulty too is that this is so isolated from everywhere else that there are no nearby other restaurants nor convenience stores. The only restaurant choice you have are the ones in here. Buffet for 3300 yen (~$US40)? No thanks.

Thankfully, they do have their own convenience store, but not 24-hours though. And as you can expect, the prices are likewise higher than usual. These are what I got from there, and this is already 1009 yen (about US$ 14) in total:

2L "natural mineral water" from "Japan's alps," by Coca-Cola. Tonjiru / pork broth soup. Tuna and egg sandwiches. Instant "Napolitan" spaghetti.

The few stuff in the instant tonjiru. It's basically miso soup with some pork broth. And some pork, and carrots, and taro.

The spaghetti. You know what, I ate this 4 hours ago and I'm hungry already.

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