11 January 2013

Bento! #200: Kamirori Japanese Cafe, Philippines

To celebrate an important occasion, I went to Kamirori in the Philippines.

As my friends would say, this would be "Filipino-style Japanese food." Price-wise, it felt similar to those in Japan. That is, if you want a truly Japanese experience, this is not the place to go. If you just want to fill your craving for Japanese food, this won't really be worth it. But other than that, the food tasted great. It's just not as Japanese as someone from Japan would expect.

I asked a Japanese friend if he knows what Kamirori means. He said he never heard of the term. I'm thinking that this might probably be kami ryouri originally, i.e. heavenly cuisine, but that's just a guess.

Yaki tamago. While ordering, I got confused between tamago and maguro. I know, I'm old. Since we got this already, we didn't order any sushi anymore. :( 
Kani salad


"Gyoza ramen." Ramen in Japan is usually distinguished by the type of soup. Here, it's distinguished by the main ingredient, in this case gyoza. In Japan, I also never actually saw gyoza swimming in the ramen broth itself.

I keep forgetting which kind of chopstick is Japanese, which is Chinese. I guess this is Japanese, but it's different from the typical ones I get at the convenience stores or at the cafeteria.

Teriyaki chicken. Without the teriyaki sauce, this tasted like ordinary Filipino-style grilled chicken to me; i.e. it doesn't really need sauce. Also, kalamansi / calamondin / tropical lemon or any kind of lemon or lime is not usually served with teriyaki chicken.

Pork yakiniku with onion leeks.

Chili powder.

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