13 January 2013

Bento! #202: Yabu, House of Katsu (Restaurant), Philippines

My Filipino friend said "Yabu" stood for "82" which is a lucky number in Japan. I didn't find yabu in my dictionary though, but I found that 8 could indeed be ya (think yattsu) and 2 could be fu (therefore it could be bu) (i.e. think futatsu). I asked my Japanese friend if he knew what yabu meant and he said it stands for bush. He also said that 82 is not at all a lucky number in Japan. He added that Yabu might be a family name and that the owners of this restaurant are named Yabu. Searching the internet, it seems that this is a Manila-only (for now) restaurant. But you know, their food didn't taste unfamiliar to my Japan-trained palate. And people are loving this place.

There's always long queues.

Some manga on the walls.

A big mirror wall makes the surprisingly small place bigger. It's small because it could easily be double its size and yet there would still be long lines before you could get in!

My wife got a Kids Katsu meal.

I got the regular Katsu Set, for which we were given these black and white sesame seeds to grind and crush and then mix with their tonkatsu sauce.

My brother questioned why they were asking us to do this ourselves. I wanted to answer -- that's how it is in Japan. You cook your own yakiniku. You clean up after yourself. And so on. Then again, he has a point -- we were not in Japan.

My tonkatsu set meal.

Everybody else's orders. Yum yum. I'd come back here again. Well, on special occasions that is. It's not yet Japan-level prices here for the level of quality of the food and all, but if you're earning in Philippine pesos, this can't be a weekly thing.

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