13 January 2013

Japan stuff in the Philippines

And more specifically, at the Robinson's Magnolia mall.

I would think there's also a UNIQLO already at this mall. So far, I know there's one at the SM Mall of Asia and one at The Block at SM North Edsa. Last I checked, MUJI sells 1000 yen items in Japan for 1000 pesos in the Philippines; i.e. double the price.

This thing is big in Manila, but I've only seen one so far in Japan, in Akihabara in Tokyo, and it seemed to be just a little hole in the wall.

"100-yen stores" have been in the Philippines for a while now, but they sell the regular items at 88 pesos = i.e. around 170 yen. They do have 55 and 66 peso items, but those aren't typical Daiso items. Here, you might also notice they have a "Banzai" sale with a handful of items at only 25 or 50 pesos, but again, not exactly Daiso items.

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