06 November 2012

Bento! #138: Aki Sake Furai no Koon Tarutaru

Or 秋鮭フライのコーンタルタル, or literally, Corn Tartar of Autumn Salmon Fry. The cafeteria translates it simply as Fried Salmon with Corn Cream. Kind of confusing? Basically it's like an autumn special that has tartar sauce and corn to go with the deep-fried breaded salmon -- but what is tartar sauce (or tartare sauce in British English), right? It's simply a creamy white sauce usually used to season seafood dishes (according to Wikipedia). I guess when translating, the Japanese know that the origin of the name "tartar" is French; hence when they translated it to English, they used its literal meaning, i.e. a cream(y) sauce for a seafood dish. It's just 157 yen for one order (it's the one on the top right of the photo). Plus 147 yen "L" size rice, and 99 yen of salad from the salad bar, this was a pretty good meal for under 500 yen. Thankfully at this cafeteria (the regular one; not the "buffet" cafeteria), they have my favorite, Italian dressing, which I used on my salad.

P.S. I could have used chopsticks for this meal, or at least knife and fork, but I went Filipino/Southeast Asian and used spoon and fork instead. :D

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